Our Mission:
To share our love of all things airborne and our hard-earned technical skills with local teens - and build an airplane.

Build A Plane is a national nonprofit organization promoting aerospace education for young people. Our particular project is located at Minden-Tahoe Airport, in Minden, Nevada. This page is dedicated to our local project, but you can learn more about the national organization at the BuildAPlane.org web site. There are dozens of projects like ours all across the country.

The young people involved in our project are gaining structural and mechanical skills needed to build and maintain aircraft, as well as valuable aeronautics training they'll be able to use if they choose to go on to obtain a pilot's license. There are no membership fees or costs to teens that want to participate, and new members are always welcome.

Our adult team consists of aviation and engineering professionals, experienced aircraft builders, and parent volunteers. Many local companies and organizations have donated materials, tools, and hangar space to make our project a reality. We're grateful for their assistance in giving us the opportunity to share the dream of flight with the next generation.

The Minden Build A Plane project was founded in 2015 by Don Dixon, a local engineer and pilot, and supported by the Sports Aviation Foundation. As of December 2016, the project is directed by Rob Thompson.

Latest News

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● Visit the Sports Aviation Foundation to learn about their plans to educate local youth about aviation and to enhance the Minden-Tahoe airport.